11 December 2009

Why settle?

Why settle for something less than what you deserve? Yeah, I understand you're old enough to get married (since your friend have started to) but why are you in the panic mode of desperation? I never met him. I may be judgmental, but the truth is, from what I hear, this guy sounds like a basket case.

Why settle? Seeing you like this really makes me dislike you because you deserve more than this guy. You're intelligent, beautiful and kind. Why are you dating him of all people?

Not to mention this guy sounds like bad news. And you know what? I think maybe you're in it for some edge. To have wild, crazy sex with. Wow. And here I looked up to you.

But honestly, no matter how you try to paint the picture, the photograph still remains true. You are desperate and pathetic. I know longer respect you nor do I aspire to be like you. You're a let down, a fake and a phony. Don't EVER try to talk me out from dating someone with an edge or tell me NOT to have sex until I'm married.

I've already made that decision without your useless help.

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