18 November 2009

I love them.
I hate them.

I can't make up my mind, but then again you can never settle how you feel about your family members on one sentiment. It varies consistently from hatred to unconditional love.

Teen Angst

My mind is all disoriented by the occurrences my life has underwent. It seems like these days are bringing out the worst of my character. I am much more temperamental and hateful words seem to flow freely from my mouth.

Words are such a powerful thing. They are destructive and will damage a person forever. Powerful blows initiated by fists aren't as painful as the impact words can have on a person. I've learned that and simple words like "sorry" are not always the remedy for the hurt caused by a swarm of profanities. No, not the profanities that convey obscenity, but hurtful things, for sure.

Call it teenage angst or whatever but honestly, I feel like there isn't a reason for all this angst. There is no source. Perhaps maybe some insecurities on the side and the search for a stable identity, but other than that I really have no reason to act like a mad woman.

There can only be one explanation. The damned hormones. Damn hormones all the way to hell. It sucks when you're under a potent, chemical spell beyond your physical control.

I am powerless and weak.