10 January 2010

I am small and the world is big.

I honestly hate featuring blogs about me. It seems like every time I start a new blog based on my life and my problems, it is so trivial compared to the problems at hand with the world. My problems are just a speck of dust swirling in the turbulent winds of social injustice amongst the nations.

If there is one thing I'd like to reveal about myself, it's that I try to enjoy the simplistic joys that my life has to offer me. I'm easily satisfied by the shining sun, a breath of fresh air and the knowledge that there are many opportunities for me to pick from. I don't like riling myself up over my own problems and I tend to forgive easily. I feel like there's no room in my heart for hatred and resentment towards those who have hurt me.

I tend to love easily. I love the sky. I love the smell of rain. I love the dewy grass. I even love the smelly vagrant wandering the street searching for his soul. I love the person who has back stabbed me or worse, stabbed me straight in my heart. I'm already in love with my soul mate who's out there somewhere searching for me (though destiny will be the one to bring us together).

I love and I guess that's my purpose in life. It gives my life some sort of meaning offer that unconditional kind of love to every person who passes my way. Though, of course, my love isn't overbearing or boastful (I don't go up to strangers and kiss them). It lies in the attempts to be kind and thoughtful of others.

I know I am small and that compared to other people I may not be special, but I know that the one thing that truly makes me special in this world and lifetime, is my heart. I am happily content to love and learn in my little corner of the universe that there is more to life than "me". It's about giving a piece of kindness from my heart to somewhat contribute in reshaping this hate-driven world.

And really, I have no idea where this post is going, but I suddenly was overcome with the urge to write what's been in my heart.