16 December 2009

Different Shades of Me

A color remains related to another no matter what the instances of the shade is. A color that captures the essence of who I am would have to be blue. Though, I must say with fervent passion that blue is NOT my favorite colour. It merely captures who I am as a color.

Blue can arouse various emotions. The feeling of melancholy comes from the shade “periwinkle”. “Periwinkle” is a charming, dainty color that longs to be vivacious. That longs to be sported with a vibrant color to bring out its simple, elegant characteristics.

“Baby blue” captures innocence as a child. The same surely embodies the colour. When you look at “baby blue” you instantly think of a child or childhood. Sometimes even infancy. “Baby blue” is a colour that arouses memories of youth that have not been forgotten. Specifically cherished, even.

“Prussian blue” exudes feelings of solemnity and solitude at first glance. You particularly feel glum from its deep, cold colour. You think of the sad memories you keep hidden in the file cabinet at the back of your mind.

“Sapphire” is just an elegant colour. It unleashes the inner sophistication that we subconsciously long for in our lives.

“Royal blue” is rather ostentatious. It’s such a bold colour that practically grabs you. There’s a pretentiousness that comes from “royal blue”. People want to be noticed and seen for their cool temperament. But I would call that attention desperation.

“Azure” is a free-spirited colour. It brightens your mood and brings a sense of happiness to your well being. “Maya blue” is an inviting colour. It’s rather attractive in character and compliments other colors of the spectrum.

The vast spectrum of colours is never ending, but never refer to a blue as “blue”. Each blue has a purpose. Each blue has a shade. Each shade needs to be recognized for the emotions it evokes in a person.

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